I want to create the world's largest collaborative work of art.



YES, once again I have revamped the Tapestry and I am excitied about the change! I have re-designed it so every artist on a page will be "above the fold" so to speak. Even though it doesn't appear as a continuous tapestry, I believe it's more visually exciting to navigate through the pages rather than scrolling down them. It also gives you an idea of how the pages would look in a book version. There are a lot more pages now so make sure you see them all. Please join and help me make this the world's largest colloborative art project. Art World Tapestry is now on Facebook. When someone joins Art World Tapestry it will be anounced on its page.


When you fill out and submit the form and your image, you will become a permanent part of the Tapestry. By contributing an image of your work, you have another web presence, and you will be part of an amazing web site "work of art". You get to link to any other place where your art is displayed (see specifics on Terms page). You have space to write a statement on this site. This is a simple site. This site isn't high tech. To me it's a labor of love. I look at the artwork when someone new joins and decide what size blocks I want to use, make them, then add them to the tapestry. I review each artist's web site and explore their work.


From its conception this site has evolved in design, the way it works, what it cost, etc. In time it will again. It is the nature of everything. One constant remains. It needs the help of many to make it grow. If you are an artist, artisan, crafter, musician, gallery owner, etc., please join Art World Tapestry. Read the User Info page to find out how it all works. I have tried to make it as simple as possible to join. I ask you to consider a donation to help cover some of the maintenance costs of the site, contribute to some of my favorite causes, and pay for the eventual printing of the book.






*:*¨¨*:* *:*¨¨*:* *:*¨¨*:* *:*¨¨*:*Please consider putting an Art World Tapestry link on your site. *:*¨¨*:* *:*¨¨*:* *:*¨¨*:* *:*¨¨*:*


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